This page is about Company Portraits. Shot in your office with a mobile studio. For you and all your team-members.

My method stands for Beautiful personal imagesHappy team-members | Worry free.

Two other business options I offer are: Portraits on location & Single Portraits in the studio.

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Roughly 30-35 portraits are taken in a day. Up to hundreds of team-members over several days.


A shoot will take roughly 10-15 minutes per person in which around 25 images will be made. Clear instructions are given to help getting the best impressions.


Your team-members will instantly see all the images on screen and select their own favorite images. Selecting the images is within the 10-15 minute timeframe.

Kees | Orange Oil | Abel Ponger Fotografie
Stegeman Willy Social Inc. Fotograaf Amsterdam Abel Ponger Fotografie


Results are presented within two weeks. Depending on the level of post process. Two file sizes (full and online resolution) are accessible through Cloud storage.


Your team-members pick their own timeslot made easily available online. Instructions and tips will be sent prior to the shoot.


Admin will be taken out of your hands with online schedule and direct team-member contact. Opt for direct e-mailing of the results instead.


Firstly we define the project. We talk about the purpose of the pictures. The general look and feel of the images and size of the projects. Important questions at this stage will be:

  • How large is the team?
  • How many images per person is desired?
  • Where and (roughly) when will the shoot take place?
  • What background will be used (seamless coloured paper of environmental)?
  • Is a studio desired with controlled light or is natural (outside) light preferred?
  • Is it essential that all images follow the same rules (i.e. are consistent)?
  • Need the images be prepared for cutting out (from the background)?
  • What level of post processing is required?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts for posing?

Prepping is an important step in the process. It consists of all the actions needed to be shooting ready and notifying your team-members. This step will include a visit to the office(s) to investigate the most suitable shooting space. We will discuss the shooting days and the ways of notifying your team. An online schedule will be made ready so every employee can pick and reserve their own desired timeslot. Days before the shoot every person will receive a little shoot overview with helpful guidelines.  

When all things are set in place it is shooting time. Team-members enter the studio (space) one by one. I love a personal approach without taking too much of their (and the companies) valuable time. After a quick introduction we start shooting right away. Depending on the outcome roughly 20 to 30 images will be made. During the shoot I will give clear instructions to get the best impression. After the shoot are shown on a screen for the employee to select. This is an interesting process where a rough selection is made and images are deleted. Eventually your team-member picks the final result.   

Images will be delivered within two weeks after the shoot. The exact time will depend on the level of post-production and size of the batch. Images are uploaded to Cloud space where there will be available for everyone to see and download. Typically, two file-sizes are presented: A Full Resolution size (for printing and cropping and a Online Size for digital content like social media. An additional Worry Free service is available where every team-member will receive the results in their own e-mailbox.